A Textbook of Molecular Biotechnology

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Textbook of Molecular Biotechnology covers an amazing range of topics from the
basic structure of the cell and diversity of microorganisms to the latest techniques in
the field of biotechnology. Various topics have been included for the benefit of
graduate and postgraduate students. In addition, the book will be of immense help
for the researchers and can be used as a laboratory manual for various
biotechnological techniques. A number of reputed subject experts, scientists,
academicians and researchers have contributed their chapters to this volume. This
book describes the role of basic biotechnological tools in various spheres of human
society, namely agriculture, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, nanobiotechnology,
proteomics, metagenomics, bioinformatics and Intellectual Property Rights.

Ashok K Chauhan, Ph.D. Polymer Chemistry (Germany), is the Founder President of
Ritnand Balved Education Foundation, an umbrella organisation of Amity Group of
Institutions. Under the guidance of Dr. Chauhan, the Amity group expanded into higher
education and, within a few years, has grown to serve more than 60,000 full-time students
across 22 campuses, offering more than 130 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate
levels. Over the years, Dr. Chauhan has won numerous honours and awards in Europe and
India. He has founded and leads a multitude of educational and philanthropic institutions,
including the Europa India Foundation, Amity Humanity Foundation, Amity Research
Foundation, and Ritnand Balved Medical Foundation.

Ajit Varma, Ph.D., is Director General, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology (Amity
University, Uttar Pradesh), and Vice Chairman, Amity Science, Technology & Innovation
Foundation. He was formerly Professor of Microbial Technology in School of Life Sciences,
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His research interest is mycorrhizal fungi and their
biotechnological applications.

Dr. Varma has published over 283 research articles in national and international journals of
repute, and also several major review articles and book chapters. He has published 31 books
in the area of Microbial Technology published by Academic Press (London), CRC Press
(USA), IDRC (Canada) and Springer-Verlag (Germany). Dr. Varma is a recipient of a large
number of International Scientific Fellowships, to name a few: Commonwealth Fellowship
(Australia), National Research Council (Canada), Alexander von-Humboldt Foundation
(Germany), National Science Foundation (USA), Indo-Czechoslovakia Exchange
Programme (Prague), DAAD fellowship (Germany), Deutsches BMFT Programme, George-
August University, Gottingen (Germany), RAISA Fellowship for Innovative Research in
Biotechnology (Italy), Swiss Federal Research Fellowship (Switzerland), BP Koirala Award
(Nepal), DFG-INSA Fellowship (Indo-Germany).

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