Economics For Engineering Students, 2nd Ed

Author Name : Seema Singh
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This is a concise and reader-friendly introduction of Economics for Engineering
students who do not have prior knowledge of the subject. As engineers need to know
economic tools to be able to apply them in their main field, i.e., engineering, the
treatment of the book is very simple and takes care of syllabus which is being followed
at the engineering programme of various universities. Apart from introducing main
branches of Economics, the book also discusses some advance topics, such as
forecasting, price determination under perfect competition and monopoly, decision
making and linear programming. Subjects such as Operations Research and
Accountancy have been discussed, which are used in judging economic viability of
engineering projects. However, the most significant among all is detailed introduction
of Engineering Economics in the last two chapters of the book unlike only one chapter
of the first edition. Besides ‘Elementary Engineering Economic Problems’, the
discussion has also been made on evaluating projects through Present Worth, Future
Worth, Annual Equivalent Rate of Return, and Replacement Analysis, which will help
students understand and analyse engineering problems. Not only for engineering
students, the book will also be helpful for students of science and medicine, who want
to appear for UPSC examination or pursue MBA programme.

Dr. (Ms.) Seema Singh is Associate Professor in Economics and Head of the Department of
Humanities, Delhi Technological University, Delhi since 2006. Her deep interest in economic and
social issues pertaining to the discipline of engineering has not only brought her eminent awards
and recognition in her chosen field of study, but also enabled her to nurture her commitment to
the cause of education in general.
She has written extensively on education, employment and labour markets for engineers. She
has published a number of papers in refereed journals, and also presented them at national and
international seminars and conferences. She has also successfully completed several research
projects sponsored by national and international agencies, such as the University Grants
Commission (UGC), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and United Nations
Development Project (UNDP), among others. She was awarded the AICTE Career Award for
Young Teachers in 2000. She has been Joint Secretary of the Indian Society of Labour Economics
(ISLE) since 2006, Vice President of WISE-India since 2011, and became Chairperson of the
Publication Committee of the University Women’s Association of Delhi this year. Recently, she
was conferred the “Outstanding Track Chair Award” at the Fourth International Conference of
Industrial Engineering and Operations Management held at Bali, Indonesia in January 2014.

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