Textbook of Microbiology

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Textbook of Microbiology provides a structured approach to learning by
covering all the important topics in a simple, uniform and systematic format.
The book is written in a manner suited to the undergraduate and postgraduate
students of Microbiology/Industrial Microbiology courses. The language
and diagrams are particularly easy to understand and reproduce while
answering essay-type questions.
Section I of the book covers essentials of Microbiology including history,
scope and milestones in the development of microbiology. This is followed
by detailed accounts of characteristics and classification of microorganisms,
including bacteria, virus, fungi and actinomycetes. Individual chapters on
microscopy, isolation and maintenance of microorganisms, and microbial
growth provide a detailed account of these techniques and their use in
Section II of the book covers biochemistry, microbial genetics and some
instrumentation, including chapters on carbohydrates, proteins, lipids,
nucleic acids, gene regulation, translation and transcription along with
detailed accounts of spectrophotometry, pH meter and fermenters.

Naveen Kango is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Microbiology and
Biotechnology, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar (MP), and has teaching
and research experience of more than 12 years. Dr. Kango did his M.Sc. (Gold
Medal) and Ph.D. in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. He qualified NET
(CSIR-UGC, JRF) and GATE, and joined this department in 1997. He has
worked on xylanolytic enzymes from thermophilic fungi for his doctoral and postdoctoral
work (Dept. of Biotechnology, Durban University of Technology, South
Africa). His present research interests are production and application of microbial
glycanases, especially xylanases, mannanases and inulinases. He has fifteen
publications to his credit in national and foreign journals and books. He is Principal
Investigator of two major research projects of UGC, New Delhi and MPCST,
Bhopal on characterisation and application of microbial inulinases from yeasts and
moulds. Recently, he has visited Dept. of Microbiology, University of Helsinki,
Finland (Dec. 08-June 09) under UGC-CIMO cultural exchange and worked on
characterisation of hemicellulolytic enzymes from thermophilic moulds.

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