Strategic Alliances

Relationship Investment has been the core of our business. Our strategic alliances with international publishers have been the hallmark of our success. No wonder, respected global corporations such as Microsoft Press, Manning Publications, and Apress/Springer have trusted our capability to deliver value. With our existing assortment of strategic alliances with international publishers, we pride in bringing world-class quality content and internationally renowned and bestselling authors at your doorsteps.

Our strategic alliances have always worked towards a two-way win-win situation for the partnering establishments. Our alliances with renowned brands such as Microsoft Press, Manning Publications, and Apress/Springer[to indicate a few] offer us an international brand face in the national market. While our alliances with international publishers provide our readers with a favorable access to quality content and global knowledge resource, we have also contributed profoundly towards increasing the revenues of our partners. With our alliances, our partnering international publishers have found a strong market of avid readership in India. Not only this, our fervently-crafted corporate values ensure that our ethics and commitments towards the partnering establishments are unwearyingly maintained even in case of unfortunate fallout of the alliance.

In the times to come, we intend to expand our outreach to our esteemed readers and other established publishers. We envisage creating an internationally acclaimed world-class knowledge domain that defies all geographical and spatial boundaries. In this context, our pursuit to form new and steadfast alliances with international publishing brands continues.


John Wiley & Sons, New York

We had a joint venture with John Wiley & Sons, which was eventually bought out by the parent company in 2006. We continue to share a strong relationship with Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., with respect to our sales and distribution network. We have an exclusive sales and distribution tie up in place with Wiley India Pvt. Ltd., wherein all the books printed by Dreamtech Press are exclusively sold by Wiley India Pvt. Ltd. By leveraging on Wiley’s distribution strength, we get a better reach and deeper penetration in all the relevant market segments, ensuring better visibility of all the books on our list. 

Apress, USA

Apress is devoted to meeting the needs of programming professionals. Our alliance with Apress ensures that quality books on programming are available in India at affordable prices. 

Springer-Veralg, Germany

Springer enjoys the credit of being one of Germany’s oldest and one of the world’s most respected publishers in Science and Technology. Springer has a number of Nobel laureates on its author list. 

WBusiness Books

WBusiness Books is a premier subsidiary of WBusiness Books is a premier subsidiary of New Win Publishing and specializes in business and marketing books in various fields of business, such as Sales, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership and Motivational topics. 

Manning Publications

Manning Publications, USA, is a leading publisher of diverse books in Information technology and is devoted towards meeting the needs of IT professionals. 

Career Press

Career Press, USA, is a leading publisher of diverse books in careers, personal finance, business management, study skills, and leisure pursuits. 

EPP Books and Services

EPP Books and Services is one of the leading educational publishers in Ghana, Africa. The diversity of books published by EPP Books and Services ranges from management to IT, coffee-table books, and children boo 

Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Jones & Bartlett Publishers is a leading publisher of college books in the United State. Jones & Bartlett deals in professional and reference books and a variety of multimedia and online products. 

Source Books

Source Books is a leading publisher in the USA, embarked on its strong vision “to reach as many people as possible with books that will enlighten their lives”. 

Microsoft Press

Microsoft Press is a leading publisher in the USA,with diverse books in Information technology and is devoted towards meeting the needs of IT professionals.

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