Concepts of Quantum Mechanics

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The book presents basic concepts of Quantum Mechanics to the undergraduate and
postgraduate students at various colleges and universities. Starting from the preliminary
ideas related to quantum mechanics, a systematic and logical approach has been used in the
subsequent chapters, together with the inclusion of modern concepts such as field
quantization, Schr√∂dinger’s cat problem, qubits and quantum computing. The approach is
conceptual and pedagogical and stress is given on using the Dirac notation.

Ajay Kumar Saxena is a Professor of Physics at APS University Rewa (M.P.). He is M.Sc.
(Physics) from Delhi University, M.Tech. (Energy Studies) from I.I.T. Delhi and Ph.D from
Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. His areas of research include Space Science (Cosmic
Rays) and Materials Science. He has published thirty-five research papers in national and
international journals and has authored Principles of Modern Physics; Thermodynamics and
Statistical Mechanics; Mathematical, Physics, Classical Mechanics; Quantum Mechanics;
Atomic and Molecular Spectra and Lasers; Digital Electronics; Solid State Physics; Mechanics;
High Temperature Superconductors. He has guided nine PhD students, and is also a life
member of Indian Physics Association.

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