Comdex provides a rich mix of reference books on various vocations, subjects, professions and technologies that exist in the market today. Each book in the Comdex Series is designed to ensure that in addition to going the requisite theoretical knowledge, the readers gain sufficient hands on practice and practical knowhow to master the nitty-gritty of the profession. Simplicity and elaborateness of presenting the concepts has been hallmark of the Comdex Series. The Comdex series largely caters to books for varied professionals, including software, hardware and networking professionals, financial accountants, fashion designers, DTP Professionals, interior designers, customer service executives and retail management professionals to name a few. More than a series of books, Comdex today stands differentiated as a mission to help you “Build Your Dream Career, the Comdex Way!”

Simple Steps series has become the preferred choice of students who wish to swiftly shift to new technologies in a short span of time. With books covering topics: 3Ds Max, Maya, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop to AutoCAD and Revit and more…, Our SIMPLE “Multimedia & CAD” books series expands every year. The titles are designed exclusively for Indian market. The product line aims at young and adult learners keen to move a step forward on computer learning – “In Simple Steps”.

Black Book Series books provide global programming and administrative challenges helping the reader complete specific tasks, especially critical ones. The black book is designed to cater the needs of the professionals with its unique structure which includes describing the concepts and explaining the same with professional examples. With such a structure a reader can easily solve problems by referring the examples described in the book which helps the reader to become expert in particular technologies. The books of this series come with a CD-ROM which includes code examples used in the book.

Technical interviews are largely focused on assessing your knowledge and skills on a specific technology or subject matter. Preparing for a technical job interview could be an uphill task, where you would need to scan voluminous books and material from numerous sources spread across different media. Wouldn’t your efforts be reduced greatly if you get a book specifically devoted towards the technical interviews on the respective technology/subject matter? Our Interview Questions Series does exactly the same – bringing to you an economical and time-saving ensemble of probable questions being asked in the technical interviews, and their adequate answers and explanations!!

With a strong student orientation, our Management series aims at continuous improvement of readers to help them turn out to be leaders, not just appointed managers. The series offers an absolute package of theoretical concepts and practice exercises to the readers ranging from students of prominent B-schools to the professionals at the pinnacle of their careers. The pedagogical style of the books keeps pace with the needs and aspirations of the students and teachers, prudently adopting the current trends in management education and profession. Easy to use, comprehensive, lucid, and enriched text developed to encourage critical thinking and application by means of activities, tips, and case studies are the hallmark of our books in the series.

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