Computer Concepts and Web Technology

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Dr. Sipi Dubey, KLSI
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ISBN 13 : 9789351192077
Release Date : 3 October 2013
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Pages : 340
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Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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Computer Concepts & Web Technology provides you a clear set of code and design standards that addresses the basic needs of computer users and Web developers. This book explores every important aspect of the computer, Internet, and Web. For instance, there are discussions on computer generations, algorithms, operating systems, computer networks, Internet, e-mails, and Web applications. The book also describes websites and how different Web technologies – HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, and Java – are used in developing websites. Sufficient examples are provided in an easily understandable language along with exercises at the end of each chapter.

In This book you learn about:

    • Computer basics, computer generations, algorithms, characteristics of computers, input and output units,

processor, computer languages, operating system, functions of operating system, single user and multi-useroperating systems, systems software, and storage media.

    • Network, types of network, Internet, Intranet, transmission mode, Internet, connecting to the Internet,

choosing an ISP, Internet services, e-mail concepts, voice and video conferencing, protocols governing theWeb, Web-development strategies, and Web applications.

    • WWW, emergence of the Web, Web servers, Web browsers, building websites, HTML, planning for designing

Web pages, model and structure of a website, basic HTML, images links, lists, tables, forms, frames, CSS, XML,Document Type Definition (DTD), namespaces, XML schemes, entities, XSL, XLINK, Xpath, Xpointer, XMLparser, and integrating XML with other applications.

    • JavaScript, programming fundamentals, statements, expressions, operators, popup boxes, control statements,

try catch statement, throw statement, objects of JavaScript, CSS, external style sheets, internal style sheets,inline style, the class selector, div tag, span tag, and AJAX.

    • DOM, HTML DOM, inner HTML, XML DOM, Dynamic HTML (DHTML), XHTML, CGI, Perl, testing and

debugging Perl CGI script, Java applets, life cycle of applet, and writing of Java applets.

Dr. Sipi Dubey is a professor in the CSE Department of Rungta College of Engineering and Technology, Bhilai. She is also the Dean in Faculty of CS / IT of Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai, CG. Dr. Dubey earned her B.Tech. (Computer Technology) from Nagpur University in 1996, followed by an M.Tech. (Computer Science) from NIT Raipur in 2003, and a Ph.D. (Computer Science and Engineering) from Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur in 2010.

Her areas of interest are Digital Image Processing, Cyber Security Systems, Cryptography, Steganography, Watermarking, and Networking. She has published many research papers in national and international journals and authored a popular research titled “A Face Recognition System through Somatology.”

Dr. Dubey has chaired many sessions at various national and international conferences. She has also organized seminars, workshops, and conferences sponsored by government bodies such as the AICTE and CGCOST. She is a member of CSI, IEEE, and IACSIT and is also on the editorial board of several reputed journals. Dr. Dubey has constantly taught and mentored students at the graduate and post-graduate levels and is currently guiding six Ph.D. candidates.

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