Basic Electronics Engineering


Author Name : Prof. Sunil T. Gaikwad
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ISBN 13 : 9788177229998
Release Date : 14 September 2009
With CD : No
Pages : 544
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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The Basic Electrical Engineering book helps you to master the Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. The book gives in-depth coverage of AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Magnetic Circuits, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrostatics, AC Fundamentals, Single and Polyphase Circuits, and Transformer. The book covers General Concept of electric charge and current, effect of temperature on resistance and insulating material, temperature coefficient (R.T.C), SI units of work, Power and Energy, batteries, and cells. DC Circuits Classification of electrical network, energy sources, ohms Law, Kirchhoff’s law, Delta to Star and Star to Delta transformation, and theorems, such as superposition, Thevenins, Nortons, and Maximum Power Transfer. Magnetic Circuits Law of Magnetism, magnetic field, magnetic lines of forces, magnetic flux, pole strength, magnetic flux density, magnetic field strength, and permeability. Electromagnetic Induction Nature of induced emf, dynamically induced emf, statistically induced emf, self induced emf, mutually induced emf, energy stored in magnetic field, and eddy current loss. Electrostatics Electric charge, capacitor and its capacitance, capacitance of a parallel plate and composite dielectric capacitor, charging and discharging of capacitor, and energy stored ion capacitor. AC Fundamentals Generation of alternating current and voltage, root mean square and average value of alternating quantity, form factor, peak factor, inphase, and phase difference. Single phase AC Circuit Pure Resistive, inductive, and capacitive circuit, series RL, and RC Circuit, series and parallel RLC circuit and its resonance. Polyphase AC Circuits Generation of threephase voltage, symmetrical system, phase sequence, balanced load, star and delta connection of three phase windings. Single Phase Transformer Working and construction of transformers, emf equation of a transformer, ideal transformer, practical transom\former, equivalent parameters, transformer losses, transformer efficiency and voltage regulation, and autotransformer.

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Prof. Sunil Tukaram Gaikwad is B.E. and M.E. in Electrical Power Systems. He is presently working as Assistant Professor with the Electrical Engineering Department of Pune Vidyarthi Grihas College of Engineering and Technology.

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