Comdex Fashion Design, Volume-II

Author Name :
Dr. Navneet Kaur
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ISBN 13 : 9789350040942
Release Date :
15 May 2010
With CD : No
Pages : 320
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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This second volume is for everybody who wants to dress up smartly, attract the onlooker’s attention and make an impact. As a designer you not only have to adorn yourself in best possible attires but it is also your responsibility to design fashionable and attractive ensembles for your clients. Therefore, this volume has been designed with the purpose to help you know your and your client’s body type with its positives and negatives. It will help you to select and adorn in Western and Indian ensembles best suited for the body type, while keeping in mind the use of detailing, attention seeking colors, patterns, and embellishment on the body parts that should be highlighted and avoiding the use of highlighting features on the problem areas of the body.

Part I: Ladies Wear

· Chapter One: Ensembles for Ladies

· Chapter two: Pear Body Type

· Chapter three: Diamond Body Type

· Chapter four: Round Body Type

· Chapter five: Hourglass Body Type

· Chapter six: Inverted Triangle Body Type

· Chapter Seven: Straight Body Type

· Chapter eight: Problem Areas

· Chapter nine: Maternity Wear


Part II – Men’s Wear

· Chapter ten: Ensembles for Men

· Chapter eleven: Short and Heavy Body Type

· Chapter Twelve: Short and Thin Body Type

· Chapter thirteen: Tall and Heavy Body Type

· Chapter fourteen: Tall and Thin Body Type

· Chapter fifteen: Athletic Body Type

· Chapter sixteen: Problem Areas


Part III: Children in Adult Wear

· Chapter Seventeen: Ensembles for Children

Dr. Navneet Kaur is a graduate and post graduate in Textiles and Clothing, currently known as Fabric and Apparel Science from Institute of Home Economics under Delhi University. Her post graduation thesis was on Designing of Play Clothes for Nursery Going Girls using cotton lycra knit fabric. She has done her doctorate on Systems Approach to Sustainable Development of Apparel Industry from Delhi University, which was a detailed study on alternative procedures followed for each production and finishing step in the Apparel Industry with respect to labour employed and its skill level, capital and energy utilized and infrastructure required.

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