Mobile Application Development Black Book

Author Name : DT Editorial Services
ISBN 13 : 9789351197966
Release Date : March, 2015
With CD : No
Pages : TBA
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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” There are many books on Mobile Application Development available in the market; however, most of them are too technical and complex to grasp. This book is refreshingly different. It has been written as a one-time reference book that covers all aspects of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone application development in an easy-to-understand approach. Here, you will how to design the user interface; persistently store data; design mobile applications that can display pictures and menus; develop mobile applications to send messages and e-mails; work with location services and maps; run background services in the mobile applications; develop applications that support the audio, video, and camera of a mobile device-and much more. The book explores all these concepts with appropriate examples and executable applications.

This book will help you to:

  • Explore the world of Android 5 (up to 5.0) application development
  • Employ the right tools and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the development of mobile applications
  • Discover the concepts of Activities, Intents, Views and ViewGroups
  • Get in-depth knowledge about using Views to develop applications displaying pictures and the context or options menu
  • Create mobile applications to store data persistently
  • Get familiar with the development of applications that are capable of sending messages, e-mails, and managing networks
  • Develop applications that accesses the current location of a mobile device and display maps
  • Develop applications to display graphics and animations
  • Use the camera to capture images and create a sound pool to be played
  • Develop an application to play videos using a video player
  • Run a background service even after exiting the service and work with the start, bound, and intent services
  • Develop applications to transfer data using wireless technologies
  • Use the TelephonyManager and SmsManager classes to develop Android applications
  • Work with the hardware sensors
  • Create widgets and live wallpapers for mobile devices
  • Develop a mobile application by adding native support
  • Monetize, promote, and publish Android applications
  • Develop mobile applications using Windows Phone
  • Get familiar with Silverlight and Visual Studio IDE for developing Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Work with Windows Phone controls in Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Work with shapes, brushes, and transforms in Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Implement styles and control templates in Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Work with animations in Windows Phone 8 applications
  • Receive and respond to Web requests
  • Develop iOS mobile applications

What Is In This Book For You?

  • Develop mobile applications using the Android 5.0 platform
  • Explore APIs and features of the Android 5.0 platform
  • Develop mobile applications using the Windows Phone 8 platform
  • Explore APIs and features of the Windows Phone 8 platform
  • Develop mobile applications using the iOS7 platform
  • Explore APIs and features of the iOS7 platform

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