MongoDB In Action, Second Ed

Author Name : Banker, Bakkum, Verch, Garrett, Hawkins
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ISBN 13 : 9789351199359
Release Date : 24, June, 2016
With CD : No
Pages : 480
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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MongoDB in Action, Second Edition is a completely revised and updated version. It introduces MongoDB 3.0 and the document-oriented database model. This perfectly paced book gives you both the big picture you’ll need as a developer and enough low-level detail to satisfy system engineers. Lots of examples will help you develop confidence in the crucial area of data modeling. You’ll also love the deep explanations of each feature, including replication, auto-sharding, and deployment.

After working at MongoDB, Kyle Banker is now at a startup. Peter Bakkum is a developer with MongoDB expertise. Shaun Verch has worked on the core server team at MongoDB. A Genentech engineer, Doug Garrett is one of the winners of the MongoDB Innovation Award for Analytics. A software architect, Tim Hawkins has led search engineering at Yahoo Europe.

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