Pro Spring

Author Name : Rob Harrop, Jan Machacek
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ISBN 13 : 9788181286796
Release Date : 18 June 2007
With CD : No
Pages : 832
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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Learn from a member of the core Spring development team and explore, in detail, the powerful open source Spring framework a lightweight alternative for building complex enterprise applications. Pro Spring covers how to build web applications using Spring and its integration of Apache Struts, Jakarta Velocity, Jakarta POI and many more. You learn how to replace common EJB features with Spring alternatives, including Spring’s comprehensive AOPbased transaction management framework. This book will equip you with the knowledge you need to design and build efficient, manageable applications with Spring. At over 800 pages, this is by far the most comprehensive book available and thoroughly explores the power of Spring. You’ll learn Spring basics and core topics, as well as share the authors’ insights and real-world experience with remoting, mail integration, hibernate, and EJB. If you’re new to Spring, this book will help you understand its core concepts and the background in areas such as transaction management and O/R mapping that underpins them. If you’re already using Spring, you will learn about features you haven’t yet seen and hopefully, gain a deeper understanding of those features you’re already using.

Rob Harrop is a software consultant specializing in delivering highperformance, highlyscalable enterprise applications. He is an experienced architect with a particular flair for understanding and solving complex design issues. With a thorough knowledge of both Java and .NET, Harrop has successfully deployed projects across both platforms. He also has extensive experience across a variety of sectors, retail and government in particular. Harrop is the author of five books, including Pro Spring, a widelyacclaimed, comprehensive resource on the Spring Framework. Harrop has been a core developer of the Spring Framework since June 2004 and currently leads the JMX and AOP efforts. He cofounded UKbased software company, Cake Solutions, in May 2001, having spent the previous two years working as Lead Developer for a successful dotcom startup. Rob is a member of the JCP and is involved in the JSR255 Expert Group for JMX 2.0.
Jan Machacek is a chief software architect at Cake Solutions Limited (, a UKbased software company. He has been an early adopter of Spring at Cake Solutions and has seen the dramatic change the Spring framework has brought to the Java world. As part of his job, Jan designs and oversees the development of majority of Cakes projects. Where appropriate, Jan also applies his interest in declarative programming and artificial intelligence. Throughout his programming career, Jan has designed and implemented large J2EE and .NET systems for the UK government and large private sector bodies. When not programming, Jan enjoys foreign languages he also enters races and time trials as a member of the Manchester Wheelers cycling club.

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