C# in Depth

Author Name : Jon Skeet, Eric Lippert
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ISBN 13 : 9788177228717
Release Date : 15 May 2008
With CD : No
Pages : 424
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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C# in Depth is a completely new book designed to propel existing C# developers to a higher level of programming skill. One simple principle drives this book explore a few things deeply rather than offer a shallow view of the whole C# landscape. If you’re the kind of reader who finds yourself wanting just a little more at the end of a typical chapter, then this is the book for you. C# in Depth briefly examines the history of C# and the .NET framework and reviews a few oftenmisunderstood C# 1 concepts that are very important as the foundation for fully exploiting C# 2 and 3. Because the book addresses C# 1 with a light touch, existing C# developers dont need to pick through the book in order to find new material to enhance their skills. This book focuses on the C# 2 and 3 versions of the language, but clearly explains where features are supported by changes in the runtime (CLR) or use new framework classes. Each feature gets a thorough explanation, along with a look at how you’d use it in real life applications. Plus, you’ll find guidelines on when to avoid using the features, for reasons of readability, familiarity, and the like.

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Jon Skeet has worked with C# since 2002, and has been a Microsoft C# MVP since October 2003. He has spent a great amount of time in the C# community answering questions in newsgroups as well as writing articles on the most misunderstood aspects of C# and .NET. After having read tens of thousands of questions over the years, Jon has developed a deep insight into the areas that developers have trouble with, as well as what theyre trying to achieve. A keen reader of specifications, Jon aims to understand the language at the deepest level, which enables him to provide a detailed exposition of C#, including a few dark corners which can trip up the unwary developer.

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