IronPython in Action

Author Name : Foord, Muirhead
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ISBN 13 : 9788177228762
Release Date : 6 August 2009
With CD : No
Pages : 492
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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IronPython in Action offers a comprehensive, hands-on introduction to Microsoft’s exciting new approach for programming the .NET framework. It approaches IronPython as a first class .NET language, fully integrated with the .NET environment, Visual Studio, and even the opensource Mono implementation. you’ll learn how IronPython can be embedded as a readymade scripting language into C# and VB.NET programs, used for writing full applications or for web development with ASP. Even better, you’ll see how IronPython works in Silverlight for clientside web programming. IronPython opens up exciting new possibilities. Because its a dynamic language, it permits programming paradigms not easily available in VB and C#. In this book, authors Michael Foord and Christian Muirhead explore the world of functional programming, live introspection, dynamic typing and ‘duck typing’, metaprogramming, and more. IronPython in Action explores these topics with examples, making use of the Python interactive console to explore the .NET framework with live objects. The expert authors provide a complete introduction for programmers to both the Python language and the power of the .NET framework. The book also shows how to extend IronPython with C#, extending C# and VB.NET applications with Python, using IronPython with .NET 3.0 and Powershell, IronPython as a Windows scripting tool, and much more.

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Michael Foord and Christian Muirhead both work full time with IronPython for Resolver Systems creating a highly programmable spreadsheet called Resolver One. They have been using IronPython since before version 1.0 was released. Michael Foord has been developing with Python since 2002. He blogs and writes about Python and IronPython far more than is healthy for one individual and in 2008 was made the first Microsoft MVP for dynamic languages. As the Resolver Systems community champion he speaks internationally on Python and IronPython. He maintains the IronPython Cookbook and IronPythonURLs websites, and can also be found online at http// In the real world he lives in Northampton, UK with his wife Delia.
Christian Muirhead began his career in a highvolume database environment, and for the last eight years has been building databasedriven websites. He has five years of experience working with C#, the .NET framework, and ASP.NET. He has been using Python in most of his projects since discovering it in 1999, including building web applications for the BBC using Django. Christian is a New Zealander currently exiled in London with his wife Alice.

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