Computer Concepts and C Programming

Author Name : Vikas Gupta
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ISBN 13 : 9788177229981
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4 November 2009
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Pages : 604
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Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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The Computer Concepts and C Programming book helps you to master the fundamentals of computer and C programming language. The book is divided into two sections the first section provides an in-depth coverage of basic concepts of computer, such as input/output devices, memory devices, operating systems, and networking. The second section of the book elaborates different programming techniques in C programming and covers concepts, such as variables, operators, strings, managing inputoutput, arrays, and pointers. The book is ideal for students who want to build their future in the field of software development.


· Introduction to Computer Systems

· Interacting with the Computer

· Computer Organization and Processing of Data

· Storage Devices Concepts

· Operating Systems

· Introduction to Networking

· Fundamentals of Problem Solving

· Introducing the C Language

· Introducing the Fundamentals of C Programming

· Managing Input and Output

· Working with Operators and Expressions in C

· Control Structures

· Arrays

· Working with Functions

· String Handling in C

· Structures and Unions

· Pointers

· Working with Preprocessor Directives

· Data File Processing in C

Appendix A: Functions of Header Files

Appendix B: Working with MS Word 2007

Appendix C: Disk Operating System

Appendix D: ASCII Characters Set

Appendix E: Unix Commands

Appendix F: C Language MCQs

Appendix G: Frequently Asked Viva Questions


Vikas Gupta is a publisher, an internationally acclaimed author, a prolific speaker on computer learning and epublishing and cofounder of a software company offering ITenabled services. He has coauthored several books for American giants like Wiley, McGraw Hill and IDG. His earlier books in the same series have broken all records of popularity selling more than a quarter million copies in India alone.

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