Data Warehousing & Data Mining

Author Name : Varsha Bhosale, Deepali Vora
ISBN 13 : 9789351199120
Release Date : 10. Dec, 2015
With CD : No
Pages : 360
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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This book, Data Warehousing and Mining, is a one-time reference that covers all aspects of data warehousing and mining in an easy-tounderstand manner. It covers a variety of topics, such as data warehousing and its benefits; architecture of data warehouse; data mart, data warehousing design strategies, dimensional modeling and features of a good dimensional model; different types of schemas such as star schema, snowflake schema; fact tables and dimension tables; concept of primary key, surrogate keys and foreign keys; ETL process; different types of data extraction such as immediate data extraction and deferred data extraction; Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and need for online analytical processing; different types of OLAP models such as MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP and DOLAP; data mining and its techniques; knowledge discovery database; data exploration and statistical description of data; data preprocessing; data cleaning; data integration; data reduction; normalization; binning; classification and prediction; clustering and portioning methods such as K-means, K-medoids; hierarchical methods such as agglomerative, divisive, BIRCH; density-based methods such as DBSCAN, OPTICS; mining frequent pattern and much more.

Varsha V. Bhosale is Associate Professor ,Department of Information Technology & Vice Principal at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience. Her contributions in the field of Data Warehousing & Mining , Image Processing have been published in many journals and International conferences. She is recognized M.E. guide in University of Mumbai.
Deepali Vora has master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University. She is a Member of ISTE and has an experience of 15 years in the field of teaching and was Head of the Department of Information Technology in Vidyalankar Institute of Technology. Her contributions in the field of Data Mining and Web Mining is published in many journals and international conferences. She has been reviewer for conferences and involved in syllabus revision and designing committee of Mumbai University.
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