Programming with C and Introduction to Data Structures

Author Name : Reveiwed By: Dr. G.T. Raju (RNS Institute of Technologies, Bangalore), Authored by: KLSI
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ISBN 13 : 9789351194132
Release Date : July 2014
With CD : No
Pages : 268
Format : Paper Back
Publisher : Dreamtech Press
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The Programming with C and Introduction to Data Structures book helps you to master the C programming language. The book covers the basic model of computation, paradigms of programming, main programming structures, steps to develop a program, basic C concepts, data types, constants, variables, functions and placeholders, operators, and operator precedence. It also includes different types of statements in C such as conditional, iterative, and jump statements. Also, the book explains the types and limitations of arrays along with the declaration and initialization of a string. Functions, structures, file management, pointers, preprocessors, and data structures are also described in this book

In this book, you learn about:

    • Fundamentals of Problem Solving and C: Basic computation model, paradigms of programming, data types, constants, variables, functions, and operators


    • Branching and Looping Statements: Control, iterative, and jump statements


    • Arrays and Strings: One- and two-dimensional arrays, declaring and initializing a string, reading and displaying strings, string input and output functions, creating an array of strings, performing string operations, and using string manipulation functions


    • Working with Functions: Functions and program structure in C, location of functions, types of functions in C, parameter passing mechanisms, passing arrays in functions, void and parameter less functions, and recursive functions


    • Structures and File Management: Defining a structure, declaring structure variables, initializing structure variables, structures and functions, nested structures, arrays of structures, the typedef statement, defining files, and the basic operations on files


  • Pointers and Preprocessors: Declaring a pointer variable, using the address of (&) an operator, initializing a pointer, dereferencing a pointer, performing operations on pointers, pointer to pointer, allocating memory at runtime, and preprocessor directives such as #define, #include, #if, #elif, #else, #endif, #undef, #ifdef, #ifndef, and #error
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