SQL & PL / SQL for Oracle 11g Black Book

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This book, SQL & PL/SQL Black Book, brings to you the complete, latest account of SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle. It gifts you two things-first, it upgrades your knowledge on the subject; and second the innumerable, exciting examples help you build a better skill in SQL and PL/SQL. The highlight of the book is a clear yet incisive discussion of the basic features of Oracle 9i and the latest advanced features that come with Oracle 10g. The in-depth treatment of the subject in a lucid language will give you an enjoyable learning experience as you have always had with our previous books on Oracle. This comprehensive reference will help you learn the entire spectrum of SQL-from Views to Cube and Roll Up; from Case expressions to Variances and Correlation-and PL/SQL-from Collections to Object types; from Error handling to Triggers; from Object views to Rollback segments; from UNDO tablespace to Expression filter, and many more.

Unit – I: SQL

· Introduction to SQL

· Set Operations

· SQL Operators

· Aggregate Functions and Group By Clause

· Updating and Deleting Data in Existing Table (DML)

· Views

· Assignment-I

· Assignment-II

· Advanced Queries

· Integrity Constraints

· Analytical Queries

· Understanding ROLLUP and CUBE

· Understanding Joins

· Scalar Subqueries

· Case Expressions

· Multitable Insert and Merge

· Regular Expression

· Statistical Functions

· Model Queries

· SQL Quiz


Unit – II: PL/SQL

· PL/SQL Program Features

· PL/SQL Datatypes

· Understanding Control Structure

· Interaction with Oracle

· Collections and Records


· Objects and Object Types

· Sample Programs-I

· Sample Programs-II

· Error Handling

· Subprograms in PL/SQL

· Package

· Trigger (Database)

· Autonomous Transaction

· Important PL/SQL Packages

· Object Views

· Transaction Processing in Oracle

· Locking in Oracle

· Rollback Segments

· UNDO Tablespace

· Invoker Rights and NOCOPY Clause

· Dependency Tracking in Oracle

· FlashBack Queries

· Sequence

· PL/SQL Wrapper

· Oracle Expression Filter

· Server Model for Bill Entry System

· Security and Auditing

· PL/SQL Questions


Appendix A: Tables


Dr. P.S. Deshpande has done his Ph.D. from Nagpur University and M.Tech from IIT

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